Do You Know What it Really Takes to Get Your Kid a College Sports Scholarship?

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6 Mistakes Moms Make in the Athletic Recruiting Process

Get Real about what it Really Takes to Get Before Recruiters!

10 Steps to Building Your Kid’s Recruiting Confidence

The athletic recruiting process can be brutal.  Often the student athletes will bear the stress of time management, academics, athletics, training, rejection and excitement silently.  In this period of their high school career, the mom’s intuitive powers, love and attention will be crucial to their self-esteem. Building your teens self-confidence is what will give them staying power and will keep them at the highest level of a positive outcome as a result of their efforts.  Burn out can often be […]

It’s All In The Timing: Sending Out the Highlight Video

Chances you have taken the time spent the money and have created a highlight video to use as a marketing tool to the college coaches.    Often parents along with their talented athletes create a preliminary list of schools and send the highlight video out in a mass mailing. Then they wait. Nothing happens, they wait a little more. So with all the talk about the importance of highlight video in the athletic recruiting process, the burning question is “what happened”?  […]

7 Signs your kid’s recruiting is in Jeopardy

There is much confusion around knowing when a coach is really recruiting a student athlete.  While this is one of the major considerations, there are other indicators that your child’s recruiting journey is off track and it can be early on in the process. Typically the college coaches will begin their initial reach out to the freshman student athletes.  But connecting with the coaches is your child’s responsibility and increases their chances to be recruited.  Your child’s recruiting will include a […]


Whether your child has had two or more offers in the final days of recruiting, your child may not always feel connected and inclined to make a commitment to a coach or college team.  As a mom, you are often in tune to which way your child is leaning toward before they are.  It’s not easy to turn down an offer, but’s here’s how your child can turn down and offers graciously. One of the experiences my son and family […]

5 Do’s and Don’ts for Contacting the Recruiting Coach

As an athletic recruiting specialist, I am frequently asked when should we start contacting the coaches and how. Relationship building is a very important piece to your child’s athletic recruiting process. This “reach out” strategy is what can keep you on the radar of a recruiting coach for the duration of your child’s recruiting period. Typically the student athlete’s recruiting timeline will begin in freshman year and run to Junior/Senior year depending on the division of play they are being […]

5 Steps to Start Your Kid’s Athletic Recruiting Journey

Kids are being recruited as early as 8th grade; the pressure on parents to begin their child’s recruiting efforts earlier and earlier is on the rise. While this is the extreme, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) has not taken any steps to date to limit this phenomenon. First and foremost, remember College Athletics brings in millions of dollars in revenue. Simply put college sports in a business. This also includes recruiting and the coaches desire to build up a […]

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